Carmen Lucille Lowell is a main character in the book and film The Sistertheood of the Traveling Pants. She is sometimes called "Carma" and "Carmabelle" (her Instant Messaging username) or Carmen in the book, and is a sensitive.

Her ethnicity is half-Puerto Rican.

Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother, Christina.

She is the organized one, but sometimes she over-thinks things and occasionally have a temper .

She is the one most insistent on keeping the sisters together through the Traveling Pants, which she first found. She is the "glue" keeping the Sisterhood together.


Carmen lived with both her parents in Washington DC until she is seven when her father moves to South Carolina. She and her mother live together in an Apartment near Wisconsin Street.

Her father usually visited her two or three times a year, during Christmas. Carmen adores her father Al (Albert). Al re-marries when Carmen is fifteen to Lydia, a ordered, perfectionist and becomes step-father to Krista and Paul. She feels out of place with her father's new life style.

Carmen adores and admires her father and hopes to get into Williams like him. She has his aptitude toward math.

Carmen also has relations to her father's two sisters, often described as crazy.

Carmen then throws a stone a the window just before the wedding.


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