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Effie in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (film)

Effie Kaligaris
Lena Kaligaris (sister)
Ari Kaligaris (mother)
George Kaligaris (father)
Valia Kaligaris (paternal grandmother)
Bapi Kaligaris (paternal grandfather)
Unnamed Paternal Aunt
Unnamed Maternal Grandmother
Unnamed Maternal Aunt
Kostas Dounas (possible brother-in-law)
Brian McBrian (ex-boyfriend)

Effie is Lena's extroverted sister, fifteen months younger. Effie gives Lena courage and comfort at times when the Sisterhood isn't there. Effie loves having boys be around her.

Lena and Effie generally get along, even though they are very different. She does, however, have some disagreements with her sister, as Effie sometimes feels like Lena chooses her friends (the Sisterhood) over her own family. Effie is loud and lighthearted. She is not as beautiful as Lena (having a "large Greek nose") but is the more charismatic of the two sisters.Effie is still quite attractive though. Effie likes vintage clothes and adores boys.

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